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Beam-e offers is a revolutionary solution that keeps your vehicles safe. Beam-e is a wireless tracking device that is totally mobile, fits easily into your vehicle, motorbike, quad bike, trailer or caravan.

Beam-e is a stolen vehicle recovery product, which includes help from our dedicated 24/7 recovery team which is just a phone call away. It has a guaranteed 3-year battery life under normal operating conditions. Unlike other vehicle recovery devices, it doesn’t connect to your vehicle’s power supply, which makes it a fast, hassle free, non-intrusive installation into your vehicle without compromising electronics or warranties.

Matrix MX2 Vehicle Tracking Device

While having all the benefits and advantages of the Matrix MX1 unit, the Matrix MX2 unit has many more features, including early-warning functionality. This means that if your vehicle is stolen, our operation centre will probably know about it before you do.

Your Matrix MX2 vehicle tracker will notify the support centre as soon as an unauthorised party starts your car or tampers with the ignition. It also has an alarm feature that allows users to transmit a silent distress signal to Hyper Auto by using a remote panic, at no additional cost with the initial installation.

Matrix MX3 Vehicle Tracking Device

As our most advanced consumer tracking unit, the Matrix MX3 tracking device combines all the features of the Matrix MX1 and MX2 tracking devices, as well as adding extra personal safety features. It is often used as the benchmark for tracking systems in the industry. Combining traditional car tracking features with advanced personal safety and convenience features, the Matrix MX3 unit can be a lifesaver in many instances.

These features include a crash alert feature which means that in the event of a potentially serious accident an impact sensor will instantly trigger an alarm. The alarm, which contains your GPS’s accurate location, will be triggered at our SOS partner. This seamless process is fully automated and makes it incredibly easy for emergency services to dispatch medical assistance directly to the scene very quickly.

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