Fleet Manager Premium

The Fleet Manager Premium package allows for the management of fleets of any size and scale. The functionality that this software offers includes advanced driver and vehicle efficiency management and monitoring. This allows users to closely and intricately monitor driver routes and variations with real-time tracking and updates via a mobile app, even warning users when a vehicle battery is being tampered with. The automated reports received are detailed and can project quarterly trends. This flexible and sophisticated full-scale fleet management software has an extensive capacity for add-on services as well as 8 digital ports available for additional accessories

Fleet Manager Essential

The Fleet Manager Essential package is a simple and affordable way to manage your drivers and vehicles. This package is perfect for light fleet management and can monitor basic driver routes and behaviours. Users do have access to real-time tracking information and will receive automated reports via email. There is even a function that alerts users when a vehicle’s battery has been tampered with.


Vision, another great element from Hyper Auto’s vehicle management system stable, captures and delivers video footage of events to Hyper Auto’s online information and tracking portal. Footage is captured using a tamper-resistant, on-board video recording unit with two cameras. It is the perfect tool for fleet tracking.

When an event occurs, the system triggers the automatic upload of two videos – one showing the driver and one showing the road. Fleet managers can then go online to view these videos alongside trip and event information on a map or timeline.

Road View Camera with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and the In Cab Camera with Sound Recording.

  • ADAS Functionality includes
  • Following Distance Warning and Recording
  • Accident Warning and Recording
  • Lane Departure Warning and Recording

“AI” (Artificial Intelligence) includes a 3rd driver camera that focuses on the driver and his behaviour, the following events are determined and recorded automatically by the AI (3rd Driver Camera)

  • Smoking in Cab Warning and Recording
  • Cell phone Usage Warning and Recording
  • Cell phone Distraction Warning and Recording
  • No Seatbelt while Driving Warning and Recording
  • Fatigue such as yawning and eyes closing Warning and Recording
  • Distracted Driver Warning and Recording

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